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Each client is different, which is why bizplansuk do not prescribe to a one size fits all approach to business planning.  Before we put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), we take a little time to understand our clients needs and agree an action plan with set timescales. If you want to see how we’ve helped other clients, please take a look at our Case Studies page.

Business Plans

Not all business plans are the same or are produced with the same purpose in mind.  A business plan for an investor will not necessarily look the same as one needed for a funding grant or a UK visa application.  Each audience has their own requirements as to what they are looking for and bizplansuk will help you produce a plan suited to the audience it’s intended for.  bizplansuk can help with business plans for:

  • Raising capital
  • Product Launch
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Approval for borrowings
  • Business Expansion
  • Visa application
  • Grant applications
  • and more ………..

We offer four broad service plans:

Business Plan Review

For when you’ve already done a lot of the heavy lifting and just need a trusted opinion before presenting a final draft to the intended audience.

  • Send us your Business Plan
  • We’ll undertake a desk top review:
    • Check underlying assumptions
    • Validate market research
    • Stress test financial model
  • Produce a report with professional recommendations

Business Plan Mentoring

For when you want to maintain control over the creation of your own plan but need the voice of experience to help you out along the way.

  • Initial consultation to agree your ‘plan to make a plan’
  • Regular reviews over the phone / video conference / face-to-face (as agreed) to:
    • Check progress against agreed plan
    • Provide feedback on each draft as produced
  • Available for ad-hoc advice when needed

Discrete Support project

For when you’re confidant in producing ‘most’ of your own business plan but need a little help with one or two elements.

  • You define the boundaries for our support
  • We undertake content creation for a specific element of your plan, such as:
    • Market research
    • Competitive research
    • SWOT analysis
    • PEST analysis
    • Financial forecasting
    • Distribution strategy
    • Executive summary

Full Service Plan Writing

For when you don’t have the skills, knowledge or time to confidently produce a plan on your own

  • Initial consultation, data gathering and objective setting exercise
  • We’ll produce an interim strawman business model for you to review:
    • Outline Financials
    • Market & Competitor review
    • Distribution strategy
    • Operational & Manpower Plan
  • After review, complete plan produced including (as necessary):
    • Full P&L, Cash Flow & Balance Sheet
    • SWOT, PEST, MOST & 5 forces analysis
    • Sales & Marketing Plan
    • Exit Strategy/options

Business Planning

If you only created a business plan to get over a specific hurdle (say, get a bank loan approved), then all well and good.  However, if the plan was used to raise investment, it’s probably a good idea to try and deliver to that plan (and avoid having to explain to investors what you did with their money), which is where good business planning comes in.

Business planning as a discipline is different to the discreet exercise of creating a business plan.  When you undertake business planning, you are creating detailed actionable tasks to help you deliver your plan, and measuring your success over time against the plan, with constant reference to the continuing validity of any underlying assumptions. 

Our consultants can help you:

  • Design a measurement and reporting regime to help you keep track of progress against your business plan
  • Undertake periodic reviews of the underlying assumptions and market conditions in the original business plan
  • Create gap closure plans if results are adrift of where the business plan says they should be.

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