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Case Study No.4 – Building a plan for yourself and learning as you go

An established UK business had stalled in it’s growth and wanted to re-engineer themselves for growth, pulling together a plan that would help them achieve their goals, but needed tight control on the costs to develop a plan.

How bizplansUK helped:  It was important to the business owner that it be ‘their’ plan and kept the cost to create the plan under control, so we undertook a desktop review of their existing plan, including some recommendations for improvement.  Over the next few months we conducted several half day workshops with the client, at a pace they dictated so as to control their monthly expenditure. At each workshop we reviewed the next iteration of the plan and tasks were set for the client to work on for the next iteration.

Outcome: The client ended up with a robust plan for growth that they were 100% bought in to and which had been delivered exactly to the budget they wanted to spend.

bizplansUk will always work to the timescales and budgets our clients dictate, modifying how we deliver our service to suit.