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Case Study No.3 – Cherry picking only what you need

A major US consulting firm is building a business case for a client but lacks key market knowledge in-house to support the clients proposition.

How bizplansUK helped:  We matched the requirement to a BizplansUK Advisor with in depth knowledge of the market in question, writing a short (two page) report on the competitive landscape and key drivers for new entrants.  This was followed up with an interview with the consulting team where they were able to interrogate our Advisor and flesh out the market and competitive landscape portion of their business case with his input.

Outcome: The consulting firm was able to turn around their Clients business case quickly, at minimum cost and without having to grow their personnel.

A business plan typically has multiple sections to it and at times a client only needs help with small portions of it – bizplansUK can assist with as little or as much as a client wants.