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Case Study No.2 – Building a plan from the ground up

An overseas Client needed a Business Plan in support of his application for a UK Innovator Visa and wanted help turning his business idea into a formal plan for the visa application.

How bizplansUK helped:  We firstly reviewed the business idea against the criteria for the Innovator Visa and determined that it would be unlikely to result in a successful application, so undertook research into a business idea that would fit the Clients skill set and business background and tick all the boxes that the UK home office would be looking for.  We identified a niche that was not well served in the UK and which the Client could credibly develop an innovative service to fill.  We scoped the service and basic proposition, built a financial model, conducted detailed market research and drafted the plan for the Client.

Outcome: The Client took on the proposition, made it his own, submitted his application and was successfully awarded his Visa.

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