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Case Study 1 – The power of a desktop review

Two admins (the clients) working for an investment group had an idea for a fashion influencer brand which could be leveraged to provide distribution for the groups other brands / businesses and wanted to pitch it to the group’s board for funding.

How bizplansUK helped: The clients had written a rough draft and submitted it to bizplansUk for desktop review.  We identified holes in the audience acquisition plan and financial model which we fed back to the clients.  They submitted an updated draft to us for a second review which was much improved but with an updated revenue strategy which was not clearly explained and with no explanation for some of the modelling assumptions.  They redrafted and submitted the plan for a third desk top review, which we provided some alternative wording for the Executive Summary.  This became the final draft which they submitted to their board.

Outcome: The board approved the plan and agreed to fund the project for a minimum of one year.

Desktop reviews are a cost effective way of validating and improving a business plan for those on a budget.