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With decades of experience providing strategic consulting services to investors, entrepreneurs and businesses, bizplansuk is here to help you turn your business idea into reality.

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Whether you’ve already written a plan and need a little help validating the content and polishing up the finished article, or if you are at square one with only the vaguest notion of a business idea and need someone to carry the load for you, bizplansuk is here to help.  Visit our Services page to see the full range of services available.

If you want to see how we’ve helped other clients, please take a look at our Case Studies page.

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We provide a FREE 20 minute initial consultation to establish exactly what your needs are and how bizplansuk can help.


We confirm, in writing, what you need us to do, how we’ll help and the costs.


We commence the project to mutually agreed criteria and timescales.


We deliver the agreed piece of work!

Why bizplansuk?

bizplansuk’s consultants are first and foremost experienced professional business consultants with long practice of business planning whose mission is to help their clients.  They’ve all had to research, construct, write, present and deliver their own business plans and will approach each engagement with a clean piece of paper to deliver a custom piece of work, not a paint by numbers, template driven copycat plan.

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